UpCycled Crib Project

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The Upcycled Crib Project is a new addition to the 5th Annual Bull City Coop Tour, Eggalicious, and ChickenStock after Party

Welcome Baby collected and donated old unsafe cribs to local artist to upcycle into fun, unique and usable pieces.  The Scrap Exchange generously donated a gift certificate to each artist to get them started.  Stone Brothers and Byrd is collaborating with Bull City Chickens is sponsoring the raffle; all proceeds are donated to Welcome Baby’s Cribs for Kids Durham program. 

Raffle tickets are available at Stone Brothers & Byrd.  You can also check the Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter as we will be around town selling tickets.

Raffle tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5 – pieces will be raffled off at Stone Brothers & Byrd Saturday October 31st at noon.  You do not need to be present to win.

We will draw one of the upcycled pieces and then a raffle winner. 



Artist Traci Davis has been an avid maker since learning to sew in kindergarten.  Today she creates artistic jewelry for her company, Posh11.com, and dabble in up-cycling found objects into lovely yet practical pieces.  The theme of her work is to “Reimagine”, a concept she hopes will encourage others to draw upon their creativity in all facets of their lives.  

Traci is an enthusiastic supporter of Welcome Baby’s initiatives and hopes her one-of-a-kind crib up-cycle will bring attention to the dangers of outdated cribs and help provide support to new parents in our community. www.posh11.com



Sara McCreary is a local ceramics teacher and reuse artist who enjoys sharing her skills with students of all ages.  Keeping waste out of the landfill is her passion whether it’s collecting unwanted clay from students or random materials from work, friends, and off the streets.  She encourages exploration & experimentation for maximum creativity & fun to everyone she teaches. 



Madeline James is a scavenger, upcycler, and environmentalist.  She bestows new life on items that have been cast off by others.  After living a transient lifestyle for many years she found a sense of home when she moved to Durham in 2010 and encountered The Scrap Exchange.  Madeline now manages The Scrap Exchange retail store where she strives to inspire others into lifestyle of reuse. 




I am Pamela Pacos, 28, and have lived in the Raleigh area most of my life.  I started my art journey when I was able to hold a pencil and write around age 3.  I have been making things from anything and everything since then.  I am a mixed media artist.  I like to incorporate many mediums and techniques together.  My favorite part of the creative process is just that, the process.  The more technical and intricate the process, the more I am encaptured.  As a student, I studied art with a focus on 3d design and ceramics at Meredith.  I didn’t finish my degree because life pulled in the other directions but I have still been creating as much as possible.  I consider myself to be a jack of all mediums artist.  My favorite mediums are acrylic paint, metal/wire working, and paper manipulation, as well as playing with lights.  I can be found waiting tables as head server at Anna’s Pizzeria in Fuquay-Varina by day and crocheting (as of late) or creating in some capacity by night.  I stage kitten for The Early Show and Nerdvana at Legends in Raleigh monthly.  Outside of art, I like to cosplay, go shopping, garden, and talk about various books and media with fellow nerds.  Facebook.com/kleinsthings



Take a look at Samantha Higgins blog to see her work and learn more about her at http://slhiggins.blogspot.com