Coop Descriptions 2014


Coop A

We have a 6×12 foot run with an enclosed 6 x 4 foot coop. It has one east facing window (to encourage the girls to rise early) and an egg door. The coop was hand made this past summer and we have 4 girls with ever changing names.  We have two barnyard mixes and 2 Golden Comets. When you visit us on the tour you will find out why we are especially unique!

Coop B


Coop C

Our run was made by us, after years of temporary efforts to keep them safe. It’s got a lean-to sort of half roof for weather shelter on one end is open on the other end. It’s connected to a funny mill house style coop on the back. Our girls are Wanda and Dottie-Wanda is a survivor and a sweetheart and sports a mullet. Dottie is happy and cross and too big for owls to carry off!

Coop D

Our 7 girls are quite happy in their yard scratching away all day. We have a variety of breeds, Rhode Island Red,  Orphington and Mixed all of them named after Star Wars characters. They are friendly and love people. They keep us company while we enjoy the sunshine

 Coop E

Our coop resides in the historic area of Duke Homestead and the structure itself is historically accurate. We have 3 girls all Barred Rock and chicks on the way!

Coop F

Our chicken house is elevated and the run area is very secure as needed near a forest and in compliance with Durham ordinances. An extensive run has been added so the girls can enjoy more space and not be susceptible to birds of prey. Made in part by cast off supplies, our coop boasts cedar and other siding with unique windows for ventilation and a floor! Birds have lots of places to roost and forage.

Coop G

My coop is made of plywood, 2 x 4’s screws etc. I painted it to match the style of my house. I have 3 Ameraucana hens (Ulu, Pepper, and Penny) who have become practically members of the family!

My dad and I designed and the coop and pen, it was a difficult project but very rewarding. I think that my coop and pen are good examples that anyone can raise chickens, no matter their age or skill level.

Since the initial build I have made changes to the pen, feeding system and watering system. I love having chickens not only because of the delicious eggs that they lay, but because they have unique personalities, they are super entertaining to watch and they eat our kitchen scraps!

Coop H

This coop is located in one of Durham’s newest neighborhoods, , where urban life meets the country.  Nestled in the garden, our coop is a highlight to the back yard. Our three girls; Suzie (Black Brahma) LuLu (White Orphington) and VanZant  (Ameraucana) have a full range of the fenced yard. They are usually found nestled under a tree or hunting got little critters. The woods are directly behind us, but thee is no need for extra pest control here!

Coop I

Our feathery flock (Custard-Sadie-Ethel-Betsy)  has an exciting life – volunteers, children, staff and visitors at all interact with our ladies as they live under the shade of a pecan tree in our 1.53 acre urban garden. They have been good at hiding their eggs recently and are also very friendly to the young ones, who recently held a chicken beauty pageant during summer camp. (Betsy won.)