Yes! The City of Durham allows chickens! Currently the ordinance allows for hens only. No roosters are allowed within the city limits. All the information you will need to obtain a limited agricultural permit is here. (You will need to scroll down to Limited Agriculture Permits.) Keep in mind that your neighborhood's Homeowner's Association may have their own restrictions so it is best to check before you head to the store to buy chicken wire.

Learn more about the tour and scan this code with your smart phone to earn BullCityBucks on the 2014 tour!


Get the bird’s-eye view. The Third Annual Bull City Coop Tour, held on Saturday, October 18th, gives visitors an up-close peek into the living quarters of some of Durham’s feathered residents.


Eggalicious! is a showcase for local culinary creativity and local eggs. Participating restaurants will feature a local-egg dish the month of October, in honor of the Fourth Annual Bull City Coop Tour.


Living it up – sustainably. Chickenstock Festival is a free, fun and funky edu-party that brings the community together to learn about urban chicken-raising and sustainable living.